Khandi Rogers Likes Anal Playing

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Khandi Rogers wants a man to be proud of his “broom jaw” and will praise his man for the way he keeps his “mouth closed.” Khandi wants to know what the men are talking about when they talk about anal play. She wants to be the one that knows what is going on in her man’s butt!

Khandi Rogers knows, “The tighter you hold your breath, the more gaping you’ll get!” This is a surefire way to get that tight little hole of her man’s to burst out! She has learned how to give “top control” to her man and also knows that it is impossible to handle him on your own!

Khandi Rogers knows that anal sex is a major turn on for her partner. She has been able to learn this by working with her man for the past three years. She can watch her man’s techniques and just copy them and she will use them to her advantage when she is with her man. Khandi knows just where to push the right buttons and what will actually make her man climax hard!

So what does Khandi want her man to do? Khandi wants her man to be rough in her butt so she can do anal play herself. She wants him to twist his hips when he is having anal sex and go deeper when he does that. Khandi knows that her man will love that and she can take care of him!

If you want to know what the “story” is in your man’s butt, then you should have anal sex. The easiest way to get a tight little hole of his is to start off slow and work your way up to much more intense anal play. Most women know that the best times to insert objects into their partners but will never try the same with the first time.

Some women are anal virgin and may not know that they will love the full effect of anal sex when they are ready. The best way to learn this for women is by watching and learning from other women. Watch Khandi’s videos and then ask her to show you the exact technique that she used on her man!

The only way to find out what Khandi Rogers likes is to use her “know how.” You can be a Khandi Rogers fan and start a Live Cams account with a friend. They will be the only ones to see what she does and they will be in the room when you do it! These will be great to learn from because they will show you what her reactions are to different scenarios.

Just picture her in her hotel room and her man watching through her webcam as she starts out slow and works her way to a much more intense anal play. It will be the first time for you and your man to try and make her orgasm through anal sex! Don’t miss out on this opportunity because Khandi Rogers wants a man to be proud of his “broom jaw.”

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