Anal Sex for Beginners

Want something new? Anal sex offers stimulating feelings for women and men alike and in most cases provides for even more intense orgasms. The region around the Anus has a lot of nerve endings, which can provide intensive Stimulation when touched. You don't know if you like it yet? Then find out.

The first time anal sex

Anal sex can be enjoyed as an active or passive partner or both-regardless of sex. This applies to heterosexuals as well as lesbian and gay couples. The most important thing about a-level is to take your time. This is especially true when it is the first time. Talk to your Partner beforehand about the topic and what your ideas look like. Is the anal sex for both of you in question? Does one of you have any experience yet? All the better! Speak plainly and thus creates all uncertainties from the world.

Do not hold back your concerns and fears. An unencumbered approach to the matter also makes the anal sex, in the end, a lot more unencumbered. There is hardly a sexual practice that is as charged as anal intercourse – at the beginning, it makes sense to deal with some myths that exist around the subject. The most common (semi -) and untrue ones we have compiled you in the following-and compared with reality.

Myths about anal sex: we have to talk!

There are so many prejudices, rumors and half-truths about anal sex and you have certainly heard one or the other "Horror Story"-from unpleasant spells to medical emergencies. We clear up with nonsense myths about anal intercourse and explain how it really is.

Myth #1: anal sex hurts

Truth: anal sex only hurts when you are ruthless and unprepared. If you are in the right mood, relax, gently stretch out with a Finger or an Anal Toy and use enough lube, it will not hurt but do good. Caution: spit is not a lubricant!

Love # 2: anal sex is dirty

Truth: in the rectum, feces are only immediately before the bowel movement. If you don't feel like having to go to the toilet, anal sex is hygienic. A shower before a-level is advisory and who really wants to be safe can make a bowel cleaning with an anal shower. But it can always happen, that despite cleaning feces is with anal sex. If you notice this, it is best to interrupt to cleanse you again or continue with another sex practice for this time. Important: intestinal bacteria can cause vaginal infections. Please never switch from anal sex with an escort girl directly to vaginal intercourse!

Myth #3: condoms are not necessary

Truth: the Prevent with a condom is important! Although the risk of unwanted pregnancy during anal intercourse is significantly lower, the risk of infection with a sexually transmitted disease such as HIV is even greater due to the faster micro-cracks.

Myth #4: the Anus leans out

Truth: the sphincter is a very strong muscle in our body. Although he gets used to the pressure, stretching and can relax more quickly, "out" and lose its function, he is not-injuries once excluded. By the way, this also applies to the vagina.

Myth #5: anal sex is only for Gays

One of the great advantages of anal sex is that people can like every sex and orientation, not only gays. Straight men often associate a-level with the fact that the man takes over the role of the woman, which is otherwise anal penetrated or just the role of a gay man. So men in danger also see themselves as gay or as a feminine stamped and no longer as a” real man " to be. But gays were not born with special nerves, which are intended for anal play.

Every man has the same arteries on the anus and prostate, which can be stimulated by anal penetration. There are many heterosexual men have discovered the pleasure of anal stimulation, and there are many gay men who have tried it and have decided that it is not for you. It is purely a matter of taste and not a question of sex and sexual orientation that should prevent someone from enjoying anal sex.

Myth #6: women don't like anal sex

Social norms and expectations are constantly changing and evolving. Sexual Stigma and what we perceive as an acceptable and healthy part of our intimacy, are things that can, fortunately, be rewritten. So so the assertion that women do not like anal sex and do it only because man wants it from them and they want to fill this “fantasy”. What is problematic about this view? This sexual structure sees men in the dominant role in which they force women to work in the bedroom. The idea that women do not enjoy a-level, discounts and denies them sexual ability to act as well as sexual desires, such as anal sex. But this can of course also be perceived by women as stimulating and attractive and has nothing to do with the above-mentioned subjugation.

Fortunately, the actual picture of what people do in their bedroom differs from this general narrative. It may not be talked about so openly in society, but anal sex is part of a common sex practice that both partners enjoy. No one has to feel compelled to do so. If you feel like it, do it-if not, then not. A-level can also be an alternative to vaginal sex, which can not be possible and unpleasant by the period or during fungal infection. Whether she or he is good anal sex, every person has to find out for himself.

Myth #7: Anal orgasms are there

There is no pure anal orgasm. Since Anus and sexual organs are close together, you can get a second-Hand orgasm by stimulating the sensitive nerve endings on the anus and the sexual parts at the same time. Many perceive this Stimulation as an anal orgasm. Each person has at the Anus numerical nerve endings, which can be stimulated by touch, what many people feel as tingling and together with Masturbation or vaginal Penetration, enhancements orgasmic. In addition, there are gender-specific characteristics that affect "anal orgasm".

  1. The anal orgasm at the man: the prostate has the size of a chestnut and is located inside the Anus on the intestinal wall behind Penis and testicles. It is a gland secreting a secretion that blends with the sperm during ejaculation to make it more agile. The little Knubbel can also trigger intense feelings in the man. Five to seven centimeters in the Anus can be felt around the bead. With the tip of your finger, you can massage it with light pressure and circular movements. The middle finger is best suited for this since it can penetrate the deepest into the Anus. If the penis and glans are stimulated, an "anal orgasm" is quite realistic. Men often describe the feeling of orgasm with anal Penetration as intense and different. More information about prostate massage can be found here.
  2. The anal orgasm in women: women have no prostate, so this can not be stimulated during anal sex. However, you have the clitoris. This includes not only the externally visible clitoral pain but also the inside-lying clitoral leg and the vaginal opening, which have many nerve endings. There are also muscles in the Anus that are associated with this area. Thus, by anal Stimulation stimuli can be transmitted to the whole Region, that is, the clitoris is indirectly stimulated. If you pamper your clitoris pain or Vagina, the “anal orgasm” is even easier for you.

The most important tips about anal sex

All myths cleared out of the way and you want to try anal? Whether You are trying anal sex first, alone or with a Partner want to – we have all the tips and instructions that You will need, begin with the right preparations to the best anal sex positions up to the perfect Toys to get you started.

Anal sex: preparation is the A and O

The right preparation for anal sex is: stretching the Anus, Hygiene and cleanliness, the right gliding gel and getting to know your own needs. For all these points we will give you the most important tips below, so that you have a better feeling at the end, how anal sex works and how you can enjoy him pleasurefully.

The own needs and get to know

If you have no experience with anal adventures, first discover the game with the Anus alone and find out what you like. Get to know your body and gently push yourself forward. This is the only way to find out what you like and what you don't, and whether the anal game is something for you.

The pre-stretching of the Anus to prepare for anal sex

The Anus is not primarily intended for Sex, we all know that. Therefore, the Region should be cautiously extended before Sex to prepare for anal sex. Stretching is best done with a finger or an anal toy. A selection of beginners suitable Anal Toys we have compiled in our overview.

Hygiene at the anal sex - a clean thing

For adequate Hygiene in anal sex, it is usually sufficient to have a short shower before and the Region to clean the Anus. So you avoid unpleasant smells and other surprises. The anus is usually relatively clean as long as you do not feel an immediate urge to go to the toilet. If only 2 to 3 hours have passed since the last toilet session, a little shower or bath should be enough for cleaning.

To be safe, it is recommended to gently clean the inside of the Anus with an anal shower. In men, it is also recommended to shave the outer area beforehand. This is not only more hygienic but makes getting started a little smoother.

Anal shower: a guide

With this classic anal shower, the Anus can be prepared in no time for anal intercourse. We will show you step by step how to do this.

  • Remove the tip from the pump ball and last body warm water run into the sink so that you can completely submerge the anal shower.
  • Submerge the anal shower with the opening underwater and try to squeeze as much air as possible from the pump ball.
  • This is filled automatically by the suction effect pulls the water into the anal shower.
  • Attach the tip back to the pump ball and wet it with some water-based gliding gel.
  • Now carefully insert the tip into the Anus and press the pump ball so that the water is pressed into the rectum.
  • Then sit on the toilet and let the water run out of you again.
  • Depending on the color of the water after the anal rinse, you know if you need to rinse again. It is true, the clearer the water, the cleaner you are.
  • Before you throw yourself into anal pleasure, you can clean the outer Anus once more with a damp cloth.

Lube not forget

Gliding gel is a must for anal sex! The anus is known to have unlike the vagina does not have the ability to become moist. Water-based gliding gels are the most suitable because they are gentle on the skin and mucous membranes. They can also be used with Toys and latex condoms. There are also special anal gliding gels that give longer moisture with their special formula.

Nutrition for better anal sex

Cereals, legumes, nuts, fruit, and vegetables are usually rich in fibre. Those who eat these regularly can promote digestion and help the intestine to empty better and more controlled. For those who want to enjoy passive anal sex regularly, the diet can make cleaning of the intestine easier. Nothing eating before anal sex does not help! The intestine cannot be cleaned.

The first time anal sex: this is it!

Now you feel sufficiently prepared and feel like anal sex, you can either try it alone or together with a Partner. For both situations – anal solo games and touching up for two-we have put together the appropriate tips for getting started in the following.

Anal sex alone

For the first time anal sex alone you can like to make yourself comfortable in the bath. The warm water relaxes the body and muscles. With your fingers or an anal toy, you can now slow down. First, the outside of the Anus is gently massaged. Like already with some sliding gel. In this way, the muscles and sensitive points get used to the touch.

Tip: Analtoys

A small anal plug, with or without vibrations, offers gentle fun thanks to its conical shape and its soft material and makes getting into anal play more pleasant. An anal plug is ideal for stimulating the Anus, as well as for stretching, in foreplay to anal sex, together with the Partner. Anal Toys always have a handle, which serves as a Stopper that prevents too deep Penetration into the Anus. This ensures safe to play at all times.

Do you want to know which anal toys are suitable for the beginning? Here's our overview.

Anal intercourse with a Partner-there is to be noted!

Anal sex with the partner is the same as solo. Allow time, slow penetration and of course do not forget the gliding gel. The Partner or you yourself can use the fingers or an anal toy for pre-stretching during the foreplay. The tongue can also be used to gently massage, stimulate and relax the outer anus (see anilingus).

The feeling of anal sex: the first time anal does not always have to adjust to the madness. The Anus has to get used to the anal game in most people first and after a few rounds, anal sex becomes more flexible. In addition, one becomes more relaxed even with increasing experience. These factors make the anal sex more beautiful because you focus more on the Stimulation than on the actual process.

For the first time anal a relaxing sex position is recommended, in which the passive Partner and the active Partner can be controlled to penetrate. The best anal positions for beginners can be found in our compilation of sex positions. Here are our favorites:

The 3 best anal sex positions


One of the most popular anal positions among couples is the Sphinx. The passive Partner makes it comfortable on the abdomen and angles a leg slightly at it. The Anus is relaxed and open-hearted. The active Partner can thus penetrate smoothly from behind.

The relaxed Riding

In the riding position, where the passive Partner sits on the top, he has the opportunity to take control of himself. The active Part itself determines how fast the Penis slides into it and at what speed he wants to ride.

The born angel

In the Engel position, both partners are very relaxed and lie comfortably in a row. The active Partner can slowly penetrate anal from behind into the passive Partner, while this can relax his muscles to facilitate the entry. The position promises a lot of physical contact and tenderness.

Anal stretching for beginners and Advanced

In anal sex, stretching the After is crucial for a relaxed start. As described above in the article, this can happen directly before Sex or Solo with a Finger or Toy. For those who want to practice anal regularly, a gentle pelvic floor training is recommended. This gives you more control over the Anal and sphincter muscles. So you can relax better at the right moment and facilitate penetration. But not only relaxation but also tension is practiced. This allows you to tension the sphincter muscles while anal sex and influence” the tightness " for your Partner. The advantage is that you can feel both of you more intensely. We are now showing you how you can achieve this through regular pelvic floor training.

Why stretch the anus?

The Anus is surrounded by muscles. These muscles are known as sphincters. The double-ring sphincter is designed so that it retains certain things in the body and is not primarily intended for Penetration. This means that this strong muscle starts to tighten after some time, if you have no anal sex for some time. This does not mean that you start again at zero but the start after a break is usually not always so easy. Therefore, it may be helpful also in the “quiet phase” to stimulate and anal and stretch the pelvic floor and the sphincter muscles. We'll show you two ways to do this.

With a toy to stretch

With an anal plug (with or without Vibration is up to you) you can stretch and stimulate regularly. Be it while she masturbates or just in everyday pursuits. It is important that you choose the right size for you, depending on your experience. Beginners start with a small Plug with a diameter of 2.5 - 3 cm.

Advanced users can choose a larger diameter depending on their taste. You can wear the plug every now and then while masturbating or just 15 minutes daily while taking a shower or washing off at home. As you move, the sphincter contracts around the Toy so that the muscle is gently stretched and at the same time strengthened.

Attention: Love Balls for pelvic floor training are not recommended for anal use as they do not have a Stopper or handle that would prevent full penetration. Therefore, when anal sex or stretching always attack an analtoy, which never runs the risk that it can slip too deep into the Anus.

Muscles exercise the pelvic floor

Not only the Vagina can benefit from pelvic floor training, but also the Anus. More control over the sphincter means that you can relax or tension at the right moment. The following exercise can be done with a Plug, but also without a Toy. These are 5 easy steps to train the pelvic floor:

  1. Locate Your Pelvic Floor Muscles. Basically, squeeze your butt together as if you're trying to keep your bowel movement within you.
  2. Now span the pelvic floor and keep the voltage for 5 seconds. Then release the tension. Try to repeat the exercise three to four times in a row.
  3. Focus on tension and relaxation. Do not forget to breathe and avoid stretching other muscle groups.
  4. Try to do the exercise daily. Three passes of ten are optimal. You can complete the exercises while sitting, while waiting at the supermarket box, under the shower or while washing.
  5. To intensify the training, you can also exercise with an anal plug. To do this, simply take a Plug that can be inserted comfortably for you. Now you can tension the sphincter and relax as described above.

After anal sex

Follow-up it is recommended to clean the Anus and the Region around the Anus again. How you can massage the prostate during anal sex and thus stimulate the G-spot in the man, you can find out in our article on prostate massage.

Toys for an anal position change

Everything you need to get started! The small entry-level box for anal sex offers suitable Anal Toys that make you the first time anal sex easy. Are contain, a special anal lubricant, an anal vibrator, and an Anal douche to prepare for everything in a practical Starter Set!

Can it be a little more?

The Great entry-level Box contains stimulating toys for new experiences with anal sex. Thanks to the wide range of high-quality products you can expect exciting moments that will make you feel like more. Included anal lubricant, anal vibrator, anal plug, anal chain, anal shower, and toy cleaner.

A good feeling with anal shower

Do you have concerns about cleanliness? A short flush with a small anal shower washes even the last doubts! To do this, remove the attachment, fill the pump ball with water and insert with the slender tip directly into the Anus – now the bellows can be pressed gently.

Lube is a Must!

The AMORELIE Care Anal lube gives extra-long moisture. This is especially important in anal intercourse because the anus has no own moisture. Just give a small portion of the gel on the anus as well as on the penis or the analtoy and experience special gliding pleasure.